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Current Job Role: Digital Marketing Manager at Left Travel Inc.


Tajmul Hossain a Digital Marketing Consultant & SEO Expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Highly specialized in technical SEO and Google Ads Campaign.He is managing and implement large scale SEO initiatives and technical optimization in the vacation rental industry with 7.5 million property with 3000 destination pages. As he is a large scale SEO Expert, He would like to run an automation script to checking website health and performance.

Tajmul help large scale businesses to develop and implement pragmatic strategies so they can gain 100% organic and paid traffic and meet their Yearly Objectives and Key Results(OKRs)”


PPC Expert: Tajmul managing large volume Billion $ Google Ads campaign for 3000 destinations,
10x ROAS, 50%+ CPL efficiency improvements, and millions in incremental revenue lift. He is an expert to build bulk amount PPC campaign through Google Ads Editor

He is working with 4 data scientists and all scientists help him to clear ideas about the prediction of conversion based on the historical data. As Tajmul working with plenty of data, he always visualization the campaign data through Tableau . The visualization data helps improve the campaign decision optimization process. Tableau also helps to draw the target audience and engage and overall business ROI